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Best Travel Insurance for Foreigners Traveling to Thailand

Best Travel Insurance for Foreigners Traveling to Thailand

Traveling can take your mind out of your daily routine and into new environments which can free your body and mind. It promotes happiness, makes you feel rewarded and reduces stress. Not only does travel reduce stress but it also expands the mind - we are traveling to fulfill our lives, meet new people and new cultures and gain unique experiences.

With its stunning beaches, tropical islands, warm weather, delicious food temples, and many more make Thailand a must-see for travelers from all around the world, no wonder why Thailand is one of the most popular countries that people choose to travel to.

What are the most common issues/illnesses in Bangkok?

And of course, with the differences in culture, food, and weather, there are some sicknesses that travelers might face.

Traveler's diarrhea

It is pretty common that this will happen to most western travelers due to the differences in food along with spicy and unfamiliar cuisine. Thailand is best known for its street food. Although it's hard to avoid but you can lower your chances of getting diarrhea by choosing shops that look clean, with no flies flying around the food.

Malaria and Dengue fever

during the rainy season and in forest areas, mosquitos like this type of weather. We suggest for people who are traveling to Thailand during this season or anyone who spends most of their time in the jungle area, should always apply mosquito repellent lotion and wear long sleeves and long pants in the evening to prevent getting sick from these bloodsuckers.

Do I need travel insurance in Bangkok? (The answer is always yes / reason)

Although it is not mandatory anymore to have travel insurance to enter Thailand, but we suggest you get one anyways. As we all know Covid-19 is still continuing to spread and the medical expenses in Thailand for foreigners are quite expensive.

When people plan their trip, they usually skip the important thing which is travel insurance. A lot of tourists think travel insurance is a waste of money and think nothing is going to happen to them but you can never be 100 percent sure. Just a few extra costs added to your budget can make a huge difference for your dream trip.

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What type of best travel insurance should you buy?

Cover for emergency evacuation

Travel insurance should cover medical expenses and evacuation for unexpected illnesses or injuries which can be both just a little accident or a life-threatening one.

Coverage in case of Loss of Life

Travel insurance should also cover all the expenses in case of getting disability or loss of life during your vacation.

Trip cancellation coverage and Trip delay coverage

In case your flights get delayed or canceled. Travel insurance will provide you coverage for your essentials when you are stuck in the airport or overage on your new flight. It can prevent you from spending over your budget for new tickets which can be expensive when it is sudden.

Baggage loss

Airlines often lose passengers’ luggage and it takes quite some time for them to find it. Travel insurance will pay for your new belongings.

Guarantee with reward.

You should choose a reliable travel company that at least has an award to guarantee the reliability of their product. Make sure that it is not a scam.

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iSmile Travel Insurance

With 2 best rewards on the best insurance company and the best insurance policy in 2022 make iSmile Travel Insurance one of the top insurances in Thailand. iSmile is the perfect insurance for those people who travel on a budget or those who looking for reasonable price insurance. iSmile premiums start at only 195 THB* (For 7 days). It covers up to 1 million THB in case of getting permanent disability and loss of life from an accident or serious injury from extreme sport. iSmile also ensures that you get the best quality of care with the coverage of medical expenses up to 2 million THB including Covid-19. And not to worry if your flight or your luggage gets delayed, iSmile will provide you with 4,000 Baht per 6 hours for additional purchases of essential items, accommodation, and any travel expenses. Whether it's a big or small issue, iSmile will cover it all.

In the end, we just want you to know the importance of travel insurance and with the right one can help protect your health and also your pocket. It's better to be safe than sorry. with iSmile travel insurance, we will take a good care of you, leaving you to have a wonderful time while exploring Thailand with no worries! To purchase and learn more about iSmile Travel Insurance, please call 1183, visit the Facebook page TuneProtectThailand or visit


Any product benefits, coverages and premiums subjected to insurance plan you have selected. Please read and understand the plan, underwriting conditions, coverages, exclusion and its policy wording before applying the insurance.