Call Center 1183


Service details


Emergency Home Assistance Include: (Aircon is not included)

1) Emergency Electrical Assistance
2) Locksmith
3) Emergency Vermin Removal
4) Plumbers


Terms of Service

  • 1. Customers who purchase home insurance packages.
  • 2. 24 hours home emergency assistance service (limiting not more than 1 time per year)
  • 3. Details of services, limiting the amount of service not exceeding 2,000 baht, including the cost of 24 hours service and emergency spare parts.
  • 4. Please check the terms of service according to the details in the policy.
  • 5. The company reserves the right to provide services according to the terms of the company.


Procedure for using the service

  • 1. Contact Europe Assistance Company Limited
  • 2. Call +662 206 5411
  • 3. Inform the policy number or ID Card number
  • 4. Tell the details about the service you want to use.