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Travel Medical Reimbursement

Claim Brochure

  • 01. Visit Doctor

    If you suffer an injury or illness, you can visit any hospital in Thailand and pay the hospital for your treatment.
  • 02. Complete Claim Form

    Click here to download the claim form and then complete the form.
  • 03. Email Form and Docs

    Email the completed form and required documents as instructed in the form to: [email protected]
  • 04. Claim Response

    You will receive an email confirming your claim is received and being reviewed.
  • 05. Mail Required Originals

    You will receive a second email confirming your claim is approved or needs further investigation. If your claim is approved, you will be asked to mail the original hospital documents and any other required documents to our office.
  • 06. Payment

    If your claim is approved, your bank will receive an electronic payment.