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myEliteDoctor a second medical opinion service from world class doctors

No one chooses to be diagnosed with a severe illness, but everyone can choose the best treatment available to them free of charge for when the day arrives

What is the service we are providing?

Partnered with PGH, a leading medical network service, Tune Protect introduced the program, myEliteDoctor, a world-class Medical Second Opinion Service that connects you to Medical professionals from Harvard as well as experienced doctors all over the world. The service will allow you to have a medical diagnosis of diseases from those elite doctors.
Call us or fill out the information and follow the simple steps. A Personal Care Manager will contact you to help you access the service and provide you with support to understand your options.

Our Unique services

  • Diagnosis and treatment plans

  • Diagnosis discussion between your doctor and an expert specialist doctor

  • Assign a Care Manager to take care of you


When is the effective date after purchasing our insurance?

myEliteDoctor a world-class Medical Second Opinion Services may be used for any new diagnosis of Cancer or Heart disease after purchase of the myFlexi CI critical illness insurance policy.


How to claim

Just purchase myFlexi CI insurance under the available insurance plans of myEliteDoctor. With a world-class Medical Second Opinion Service, you're all set to receive all the access to a professional team of doctors.

Simple steps to use the service

  • After receiving the medical diagnosis of cancer or other serious illness included in the insurance policy, customers will be entitled to the medical second opinion service.

  • Please e-mail or call our Customer Service Center or complete the service request form.

  • PGH staff will call or email you to request all the documents needed to access our service. Afterward, your case will be assigned to a Personal Care Manager.

  • Start a diagnostic and treatment plan with an expert specialist doctor. (Medical Second Opinion Service)

  • A discussion takes place between your doctor and the expert specialist doctor concerning the proper course of treatment.

Get to know our doctors

From PGH, their world-leading specialists will provide the necessary expert medical advice for you. The PGH team is comprised of medical specialists who are experts in critical illness treatments and research from the world’s leading hospitals.

Terms of Service

  1. The services starting from medical consultation, advice, analysis of the doctor's diagnosis, providing advice on health care plans, and selecting medical professionals are provided by PGH. The Company is not affiliated with the provision of such services from PGH in any way.
  2. myEliteDoctor service is not the insurance and does not act as a substitute for the treatment service from a doctor or the Company's medical specialists. Thus, the company will be regarded as unaware of you and your family’s health and medical records.
  3. PGH provides medical specialist profile information and the selection of medical specialists.
  4. myEliteDoctor service will be valid on the insured who meets our criteria, policy and thus receive approval.
  5. The company reserves the right to change the person who is entitled to use the service, myEliteDoctor, without prior notice
  6. Details and conditions of service myEliteDoctor will be under the Company's requirements
  7. Customers can use the service, myEliteDoctor one time per disease until the policy expires
  8. The company reserves the right to change details. Terms of Service or cancel the service myEliteDoctor without prior notice.
  9. myEliteDoctor is a service of PGH company. The company’s role is to promote the service and is the facilitator of registration for the service myEliteDoctor only.
  10. myEliteDoctor service Users who are entitled to use the service cannot transfer their rights to others or exchange or can be converted into cash or something else.
  11. Insurance is subject to conditions and the criteria set by the company.
  12. The information in this document is for reference only. Service recipients should understand the details of the terms and conditions before using the service.
  13. myEliteDoctor a world-class Medical Second Opinion Services may be used for any new diagnosis of Cancer or Heart disease after purchase of the myFlexi CI critical illness insurance policy.