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PA Choice

PA Choice

PA Choice Care

  • Coverage in case of Loss of Life up to 1,200,000 THB*
  • Medical Expenses up to  50,000 THB*
  • Hospital Accident Benefit arising  up to 2,000 THB*
  • Free! Health2GO Online Doctor Consultation*

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PA Choice Kids

  • Coverage Loss of Life up to 700,000 THB*
  • Medical Expenses up to 50,000 THB*
  • Dental treatment up to 2,000 THB*
  • Free! Health2GO Online Doctor Consultation*

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PA Choice Senior

  • Coverage Loss of Life up to 900,000 THB*
  • Medical Expenses up to 20,000 THB*
  • Public Accident up to 900,000 THB*
  • Free! Health2GO Online Doctor Consultation*


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Frequently asked

Product Information

  • Why should I purchase PA insurance from Tune? What are its benefit and uniqueness?

    Tune Insurance's PA Choice Insurance was created to provide insurance to people of all lifestyles and genders. Customers could easily apply for the insurance in only three-steps! Below is a list of PA choice's uniqueness while compared to other insurance on the market
    - Numerous packages to choose from to satisfy people of all ages
    - Insured anywhere around the world
    - 24-hour protection
    - Digital card for convenience
    - 480 hospital partnership nationwide
    - Maximum insurance age of 99 years old
    - Quick and effective claim procedures.

  • At what age can I apply for PA Choice accident insurance?

    Able to apply starting from one month to 75 years old and renewal up to 99 years (depending on the insurance plan selected).

  • Are foreigners able to purchase PA Choice insurance?

    Yes, foreigners can purchase PA Choice insurance

  • People of what occupation are suggested to purchase this insurance plan?

    Occupation Class 1 : Office worker and non-machine craftsmanship, for example, statistician, economist, accountant, legal consultant, singer, musician, psychologist, student, teacher, physician, pharmacist, nurse, nurse assistant. Doctors, designers, decorators, radio / TV broadcasters, secretaries, programmers, system analysts, Food experts, watchmakers, barbers, engineers, architects, homemakers, and clergy.

    Occupation Class 2 : Someone who works outside the office from time to time. For example, a contractor, Sales Agent, Marketing Staff, Geologist, Engraver, Social Worker Air traffic controllers, guides, cooks, chefs, embroiders, livestock, glass installers. and Electronic component maker

Online Service

  • How do I proceed to use the Digital Care Card at a hospital?

    To begin the process, go to the My Coverage -> Select the insurance card you want 
    2. Press 'Use Card' when on the medical record page
    3. Select the hospital you are registered with, press Confirm 
    4. Show the card page from the application to the registrar. 

  • If I forgot both the username and password to the Claim Mobile App and migrated to a new phone number, what should I do?

    Should you forget both username and password and change your phone number, please Contact Line @tpacare to verify your identity and notify the agent to change your phone number. Before signing up again

  • What should I do if my insurance is not showing on the Claim Mobile App?

    If the insurance information does not display on the app, please contact Line @tpacare to check if your registered phone number matches the system's database. If you changed your phone number, you could notify the staff to update your phone number.

  • What should I do to claim the insurance if I do not have a "Claim Mobile App"?

    If you do not have access to the "Claim Mobile App," the insured can submit the national identification card to the hospital as well.

  • What is Health2GO service? Is there a service charge?

    Health2GO Online Consultation Service is a comprehensive online doctor's meeting service as if a customer went to a hospital. Its services include online doctor consultation, medication prescribing and home delivery. Health2GO Online Consultation Service is a free service, but in the event that the customer chooses to receive the drug, there will be a cost for medicines that are delivered to your home. More detail about Health2GO Service Click

After Sale Service

  • What is the procedure if an insured wants to change the beneficiary?

    The insured can call or email the company and notify us of any necessary corrections.

  • If I purchase other insurance With Tune Insurance that is not PA Choice, can I still use a Digital Care Card to make a claim?

    Only PA Choice insurance products can be used with Digital Care Card.

  • What are the claim procedures? Do I need to pay additional fees? and who do I contact to get more information

    Claim procedure:
    1. To download the claim form, click here. Click download
    2. Prepare the claim documents as specified in the insurance policy.
    3. Sending documents: by post or in person - 3199 Maleenont Building, 14th Floor, Rama IV Road, Klongton Subdistrict, Klongtoey District, Bangkok 10110
                      : Email - [email protected]
    Claims Officer 02-078-5621, 02-078-5625-26

Other Enquiries

  • Where can I see a list of participating hospitals?

    Click download to see details of participating hospitals. Click download