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Fire insurance


  • Protect your home from natural disasters with coverage up to 300,000 baht*
  • Damage from Storm winds, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or underwater waves, tsunamis and hail storms
  • Premium is at 400 baht per year
  • Temporary accommodation up to 30 days


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Conditions and details of coverage

  1. The insured must disclose the facts of the insured property. If it is found that facts about the property have been concealed, this will cause the insurance policy to terminate effective from the date of policy inception.
  2. When damage occurs, the insured must notify he company without any delay and send details about the damage to the company within 30 days.
  3. If there is damage to the property, the company will compensate up to the actual damage, but not more than the sum assured.
  4. The company will not pay compensation if the damage is caused by corruption. or gross negligence, or caused by intentional acts of the insured or beneficiary
  5. Transfer of ownership of the insured property: When the insured has transferred ownership to another person, it shall be deemed that the transferee is the insured under the insurance policy and the company will continue to be liable under the insurance policy for the remainder of the policy.

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