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Top 5 Things To Do in Thailand

Top 5 Things To Do in Thailand

When thinking of traveling to Southeast Asia, Thailand has become at the top of the destinations people would like to visit for year to year. The country is best known by its outstanding beaches, land of smiles because of the friendliest people, the tropical weather, the cheap travel insurance and the unique taste of food. With so much to see and do in Thailand, it's no wonder that many foreigners are planning on visiting the country. But it is also a problem and a hard decision for tourists to narrow all the activities down in just a numbered of days.

To make it easier for you guys, below are some of the top things to do in Thailand that cater to both health and wellness-minded individuals.

1. Visiting Grand Palace

One of the most popular attractions in the center of Bangkok is the Grand Palace, which has been home to the kings and his courts for over a century and still is used till these days for several official royal events. With over 200,000 square meters of space, its beautiful architecture and history, this palace is a must-see for any visitor. But the palace has a strict dress code, in order to ensure that guests have to dressed appropriately.

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2. Eat Like a Local

To see and taste food like how locals do is the way to truly experience the actual culture. Street food is one of the big things in Thai culture and has a variety of food that you can possibly think of. Many restaurants have a Michelin Stars which should be on your must-try lists. If you want to eat like how locals do, just follow where they go and keep your eyes on the queue. The longer the queue is at a restaurant, the better the food. And the most important part is that it’s very cheap. It helps you save cost, it is delicious, and you also get to experience the culture. It’s a win-win!

3. Ride a Tuk Tuk

Tuk-Tuk is a fun and commonly used open-air vehicle that easily accommodates two to four passengers. Tuk Tuk drivers are locals so they know where to show you around. It is good for escape the traffic and to see all the famous attractions around the city without planning it yourselves. There are tours that you can choose from sightseeing the city to experience the night life. It is flexible to your interests as well, just tell the driver where you want to go and he’ll take you there.

4. Get a Traditional Thai Massages

If you’re tired of all the activities and need a moment of relaxation, you definitely should get a traditional Thai massage. The massage helps reduce the soreness of the body even though some of the massage positions are kind of weird but in the end you will relax. You can find hundreds of massage shops throughout the city. The prices are around three hundred Thai Baht for an hour of feet massages to two thousand Thai Baht for full body treatment. Most of the hotels have spas and massages and can offer you the best deal.

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5. Go Island Hopping Around the Southern

Nothing is better than being on the beach sipping cold and refreshing drinks or in the clear blue ocean in the warm weather. Thailand is best known for its stunning beaches, exceptional islands and the sea that so clear you can see everything underneath especially in the south. There are many activities you can do near the beaches, but the most famous one is that go snorkeling and diving. Phi Phi Island, Similian Island, Koh Tao and Koh Samui are the famous destinations to do so and a must to visit. You will be amaze at how white the sand and how gorgeous lives under the sea are. It is breath-taking, you would feel like you’re in a dream!

And of course, sometimes traveling comes with the risk of being injured. Therefore, having a travel insurance is very important because incidents can happen even when you are being careful and travel insurance can help prevent the extra cost of that. Besides, there is a new regulation from the government that require travel insurance from foreigners before they can enter Thailand. You might think it sounds complicated and a lot of work but don’t you worry! With Super Lite Plan from Tune iPass Travel Insurance can ease your worries away.

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Tune iPass Thailand Travel Insurance

Tune insurance is one of the top trustworthy insurance companies in Thailand. Lite Plan Tune iPass is a travel insurance.

  • Lite plan coverage from 10,000 USD (350,000 THB).
  • Plan 1 coverage from 20,000 USD (700,000 THB).
  • Plan 2 coverage from 50,000 USD (1,800,000 THB).
  • The premium starts only 2,299 THB for the coverage of 30 days, the coverage period is fixable to your choice of days.
  • Provide all the documents that needed to enter Thailand.
  • Cover the loss or damage of travel documents and baggage.

Whether it’s big or small, they will cover it all. Leave you to exploring the beautiful country without any worries.


* Any product benefits, coverages and premiums subjected to insurance plan you have selected. Please read and understand the plan, underwriting conditions, coverages, exclusion and its policy wording before applying the insurance

** Align with Thailand Entry Requirements specified by Thai Government Announcement (effective from 1 March 2022 onwards)

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