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When is the perfect time to visit Thailand?

When is the perfect time to visit Thailand?

Thailand is one of the popular countries that the climate changes around the country and you can visit all year round. Depending on the season you are visiting: The summer is from February to June; the rainy season is between June and October and the winter takes the remaining months from October to February. Besides beautiful beaches and islands, Thailand has a lot to offer to you.

p.s. due to Covid-19, please check the travel regulations regularly and get your travel insurance before applying for Thai visas and planning your trip.

High season: November to March

The weather is at its best throughout the country, not too hot not too cold. The warm weather attracts tourists from all over the world and because of the holidays (Christmas and New Year), Thailand is at its busiest and a bit crowded.

Shoulder season: April to June and September and October

The summer is here! the temperature from April to June is between 30c to 40c. The perfect time to head to the beaches. The breezes, crystal clear ocean, and chill drinks will cool you down.

Low season: July to October

July to October is a rainy or monsoon season. The rainy season is usually light to heavy rain at night or in the mornings, then eventually clear up and sunny in the afternoons. It is a great opportunity for travelers with a budget due to the prices of flights and hotels dropping. The crowds will also be less dense this season.

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Event and Festivals


January is the most popular month for tourists, with the clear sky on both coasts, islands hopping around the southern is a great way to experience the beautiful beaches in Thailand.


Bangkok has one of the biggest China towns in the world. Therefore, the festival is always embellishment when it comes to Chinese New Year. Yaowarat street will turn red by the decorations and there will be a dragon parade and various food.


It starts to get hot in March but also the best time to travel to Thailand for diving along the Andaman Coast such as Similan Islands, Phi Phi Island, and Surin Islands. If you’re big on eco-friendly activities, join the Turtle Release Festival in Pang Nga to help release these little turtles back to nature.


Songkran Festival or Thai traditional New Year is 3 days long and takes place from the 13th to 15th of April. The weather is at its peak. You often see people pour or throw water at each other as an ancient belief that it will wash away sins and bad luck and also the water helps you cool down in the summer heat.


Surfing at memory beach, Pang Nga, or Kata beach, Phuket is a must at this time because the temperature is started to drop and the waves start to get higher.


June is a good time to sightseeing in the country, while the days are still sunny and no rain. With fewer crowds that means you can enjoy your experience without getting annoyed by people surrounding you. You can take your time in each place you go.


July is the start of the rainy season all around the country. But on the other hand, this can be a good month to visit national parks like Khao Yai National Park and Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi. The landscapes are verdant, green, and full of life. You can see wild animals wandering around the forest. It is truly amazing.


The rain continues. If you feel adventurous and not afraid to get dirty, you should go ride ATV through the forests or go bungee jumping at the tallest bungee jump in Thailand at Chiang Mai or Pattaya to get the adrenaline going. It is a true way to absorb nature. But don’t forget to get travel insurance in case something happens.


September is known for being the wettest month of the year, so make sure you make plans that involve indoor activities such as museums, aquariums, going to the bounce house, doing a little shopping in famous malls, or visiting the temples. The perks of traveling this time are there will be fewer crowds and hotels rate is much cheaper than during the high season.


Vegetarian Festival is the national event when people become vegetarian for nine days from the belief that it helps maintain peace of mind. But the most famous one is in Phuket where the festival is well known for its show of self-mutilation, from fire walking to cheek piercing. It is intriguing but also can be frightening to watch.


As the monsoon season is coming to an end, the cool breeze starts to creep in. An excellent atmosphere to attend the Loy Krathong festival. Loy Krathong festival is a festival in that people show respect and thank the river for giving us food and water for our everyday lives by floating Krathong by the river or some provinces, floating lanterns.


With the perfect weather, no doubt that December is one of the peak months in the country. Thailand has various kinds of new year events throughout the country whether celebrating and watching fireworks at the malls/hotels or parties on the beaches and yachts, we have it all for your preference.

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Thai Visa and Travel Insurance

Traveling to a foreign country which has opposite of everything you have known, you can never be sure of what might happen. Having travel insurance helps with unexpected medical expenses. It is better to have travel insurance that covers it all for you than to spend your savings on something you didn’t plan.

With Tune iPass, we offer you more than just travel insurance.

  • The premiums start at 2,299 Thai baht.
  • Lite Plan Covers up to 10,000 USD.
  • Plan 1 Covers up to 20,000 USD.
  • Plan 2 Covers up to 50,000 USD.
  • Free choices of the insurance coverage period.
  • Covers medical expenses including Covid-19.
  • Give advice and provide essential requirements that will satisfy the immigration.

Thailand is waiting for you to explore. Let Tune iPass travel insurance take care of you and your loved ones and make your trip safe and unforgettable.


* Any product benefits, coverages and premiums subjected to insurance plan you have selected. Please read and understand the plan, underwriting conditions, coverages, exclusion and its policy wording before applying the insurance

** Align with Thailand Entry Requirements specified by Thai Government Announcement (effective from 1 March 2022 onwards)

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