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Best Thailand Travel Insurance Company.

Best Thailand Travel Insurance Company.

There is no doubt that Thailand is one of the most famous travel destinations that people want to visit in the world with its breathtaking islands and beaches, beautiful landscapes, amazing food, stunning temple, unique architecture, and culture which all come at affordable prices. Thailand is also one of the easiest countries in Asia to visit. Citizens of plenty of countries are able to enter Thailand visa-free and can stay up to 30 days and if you are planning to stay more than 30 days, you can get a Thai visa which is easy and inexpensive to obtain. And there are also lots of activities to do from bar hopping around Bangkok, hiking on mountains in the north to scuba diving or snorkeling around islands in the Southern. Thailand has it all for everyone.

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When traveling to unfamiliar places, travel insurance is a must because you never know what might happen. It can protect you from over-spend your budget. Travel insurance is also required to enter Thailand. There are so many Travel Insurance plans to choose from. Each plan has its unique point of sale – which might make you feel confused about what to choose. Make sure to get the one that matches your needs and coverage the most like Tune Protect Insurance.

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Best Insurance Company in Thailand

Tune Protect Thailand

Tune Protect Thailand is a brand-new insurance company that was founded in 2014 with the aim to be the leader of online insurance, which later on they succeeded. Tune Protect Thailand received prestigious awards ‘Best Online Insurance Company Thailand 2021’ and Best Travel Insurance Product (iPass) Thailand 2022” from the Global Banking & Finance Awards. And because it is an online platform means it is easier for anyone to access, apply and buy insurance by themselves either on a mobile app or the website from anywhere. For all that reasons - make Tune Protect Thailand is one of the top and most trustworthy insurance companies in Thailand.

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Tune iPass Travel Insurance

If you’re having a hard time deciding which company you should get travel insurance from, we suggest getting Tune iPass Travel Insurance by Tune Protect Thailand which is one of the best insurance companies in Thailand. Tune iPass is the perfect insurance for those people who plan on traveling domestically or internationally and looking for reasonable price insurance. The price for premiums starts at only 2,250 Baht* with the freedom to choose the period of coverage from 14 days to 180 days. It covers up to 1 million Baht* in case of getting permanent disability and loss of life from an accident or serious injury. it assures that you get the best of care with the coverage of medical expenses from injury or sickness up to 700,000 Baht* (equivalent 20,000 USD) including Covid-19. And also provides public liability up to 1.5 million Baht*. Whether it is an injury to yourself or to someone else, iPass will cover it all for you.

buy thailand travel insurance

Travel can ease your body and soul. It can boost your immune system, improve your mood, and reduce stress which will make you more mentally and physically healthy. Traveling is also a great way to make memorable memories. But on the other hand, accidents can happen unexpectedly and might have turned your dream trip or memorable memory into a nightmare. It is better to have Travel Insurance as a protection both financially and physically. With Tune iPass, you will not have to worry about a single thing, because not only you will get all coverage that you need but they also provide all of the required documents that you need to enter the country. Choose Tune iPass and let us make your dream trips come true with no worries. If you are interested in purchasing Tune iPass, please visit our website


Exclusive for Tune Protect’s customer! Get free dtac SIM card Plus! Data 8 GB for 24 hours and special gift at dtac counter at Suvarnabhumi airport or Phuket airport Redeem by show insurance policy at official dtac counter at

  1. Suvarnabhumi airport Gate 7, Gate 9 Baggage Claim No. 19 and Baggage Claim No. 10
  2. Phuket airport , International Terminal, 1 st Floor Branch Exit No. 1-2 and Branch 2 dtac counter at Baggage Claim No. 2
  3. Don Mueang airport , International Terminal, 1 st Floor
  4. Branch 1 : International Arrival hall, between Exit No.3 & No.5
  5. o Branch 2 : International Arrival hall, Opposite Exit 6

Limited 1 policy / 1 SIM

Promotion period Today – 31 December 2023

*The company reserves the right to change terms & conditions without prior notice. *Terms and Conditions of underwriting as specified by the company. The insured should fully understand terms and conditions before purchase.


*Any product benefits, coverages and premiums subjected to insurance plan you have selected. Please read and understand the plan, underwriting conditions, coverages, exclusion and its policy wording before applying the insurance. Terms and Conditions of underwriting as specified by the company. The insured should fully understand the terms and conditions before purchase.

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