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A lot of people don’t know that even if you’re not fat or obese, you still have a chance of get-ting diabetes

A lot of people don’t know that even if you’re not fat or obese, you still have a chance of get-ting diabetes

Many people believe that diabetes exclusively affects obese people, but actually, anyone can get diabetes. Even skinny people with great body shapes can get diabetes. Everyone is at risk. Having a lot of sugar in your body and that sugar doesn’t transform into energy will not transform energy will reduce the agility of the insulin hormone, resulting in high blood sugar.

However, we may start by checking our bodies by calculating the BMI value, which is an indicator used to determine the balance of body weight (kg) and height (cm). That’ll help indicate what level your body shape is, and you can also check if you’re too skinny or too fat. You can check your BMI here.


Diabetes is


Diabetes is a disease in which the body's blood sugar levels are unusually high, leading the mechanism of turning blood sugar into energy to malfunction. This process is related to the insulin hormone. This is part of the process of controlling blood sugar levels. It is, without a doubt, a terrible disease. Once you get diabetes, the risk of getting other diseases increases. There are several consequences, such as cardiovascular disease. such as eye diseases, hypertension, renal disease, peripheral blood vessel diseases, and so on.


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What are the chances of non-obese people getting diabetes?


Of course, all of our bodies have the hormone insulin, which helps in the regulation of sugar levels in the body to maintain balance. Diabetes is usually the effect of this without being heavy. Diabetes can also be passed down through families. You can take some drugs, steroids, birth control pills, and diuretics on a daily basis if your parents or relatives have diabetes, which causes the body to create more sugar. This causes the body to age or respond poorly to insulin. This causes the pancreas to malfunction. Even during pregnancy, this leads to reduced insulin production. Many disorders cause the body to release hormones that impede insulin action. It is also caused by viral infections such as mumps, measles, rubella, or infections of the pancreas. Therefore, not only are obese people at risk of having diabetes.


Diabetes makes you skinny.


Diabetes makes your body thinner because the body is unable to burn sugar. When the body lacks energy from sugar, the body will burn fat and muscle instead, which will result in muscle atrophy. Fatigue and weakness, which the body of this group of patients lacks the hormone insulin, This group is considered to have severe diabetes because they don't have enough of the hormone insulin. Insulin is used to treat diabetes and must be constantly checked because it could cause problems.


How to prevent diabetes


The most important aspect of preventing diabetes is keeping your blood sugar and cholesterol levels within a normal range. Normalize appropriate lifestyle habits such as choosing nutritional food choices, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising on a regular basis, and refraining from drinking and smoking. In addition, proper rest is required in order to keep your body working normally and avoid stressful situations.

Many people are committed to working or studying, so they are neglecting their health. If at some point the body is weakened due to heavy physical use, Then you’ll definitely be at risk of developing a disease, and diabetes is not farfetched. It's a disease caused by our behavior. Having diabetes insurance is one way to increase the peace of mind in your life.




Health insurance for diabetes, Insurance to protect you from diabetes


Live your life with joy because you have diabetes insurance that protects you every day.


Diabetes Protect Coverage Highlights (Diabetes Insurance)


  • Diabetes coma coverage up to 2,000,000 baht* 
  • Long coverage from 1 to 65 years old 
  • Receive compensation in case of inpatient treatment (Max 30 days)
  • Premiums start at only 4 baht each day*.
  • Free! access to the Dfit Health program for a wide range of protection just for you
  • Free! blood test program by affiliated hospitals
  • For every policy purchased, Tune Protect will be donating a small share of the proceeds to the Thai Red Cross Society

*Terms and conditions apply to the policy. Buyers should understand the details of coverage. And the conditions before deciding to take out insurance every time.


The Dfit Health Program, which tackles all health concerns with individualized health coaches, may perfect and efficiently arrange the health system. All-around health from expert specialists addresses all key health and nutrition concerns in the form of an app that enables access to healthcare 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are diabetes screenings and a wellness program geared to your personal health objectives for people who are already registered. Diabetes may affect anyone,



no matter what shape they are in. Changes in lifestyle behavior not only lower the risks of getting diabetes but also enhances your health and your body's ability to perform more efficiently. A health check is also recommended to lower the chance of developing diabetes in the future.



Based on information from the Diabetes Association of Thailand,



Video clip of using the Dfit wellness program. Click!


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