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Prepare for your trip or how to avoid unforeseen events

Prepare for your trip or how to avoid unforeseen events

The moment of departure is almost here and the trip you have been planning for months is ready. You have been reading all the guides presenting the advantages and disadvantages of your destination. After consulting the reference sites to organize your trip perfectly, you are impatient to start this long journey according to your moods and your desires. However, have you thought about the unexpected because it is not enough to fill your luggage correctly and book the best addresses:


Before leaving

• Do not forget to go to the official government website to check the rate of danger of the country where you are preparing to land. Indeed, the newspaper do not necessarily deal with all internal conflicts. You can be reassured and especially avoid sensitive areas.

• Do not forget also to inform yourself about the cost of your credit card abroad as well as the limit to which you are entitled because its use could prove to be more expensive than expected.

• Also plan a small pharmacy kit because in some countries, you may encounter some difficulties in obtaining medication.


During the trip 

• Your mobile phone, which bears its name well, flew away with its thief. You feel totally helpless without your communications assistant. All you have to do is report this theft to your operator and suspend your line by blocking your SIM card. Have your IMEI number ready before you hit the road. It is thanks to it that we will be able to identify your phone if necessary.

• You need medical repatriation, one of your members is immobilized and unfortunately, you can no longer continue the adventure. Rest assured, you will be taken care of with a plane ticket reserved for you and transported in an adapted vehicle. For more serious pathologies such as a stroke or a heart attack, you will benefit from medical repatriation, the transportation mode will depend on your condition.

• It is therefore in peace that you can fly away with your Tune Protect contract in your pocket, the whole team of Europ Assistance, our trusted assistance provider will be able to take care of you or help you in case of difficulties.



Let you enjoy your trip to the fullest. Worry-free when traveling and in case unexpected things occur. 

Ease your mind with our international travel insurance, iTravel from Tune Protect. We offer both one-flight travel insurance or annual package travel insurance,

Regardless of the route, whether flying to Asian countries or as far as European countries or any other countries. You can choose any coverage and insurance plans according to your desired destination. 

If you get sick or encounter any accident during your trip, you don't have to pay the medical fees in advance no matter where you go.


• Sickness protection, emergency accident. Coverage up to 5,000,000 baht in case of death*

• Premium starts at only 73 baht/day*

• Receive compensation in case your visa approval gets rejected*

• Flight cancellation, flight delay, crash coverage up to 35,000 baht*

• Baggage delay, personal belonging damage, Coverage up to 50,000 baht*

• Free Health2GO service. Consulting a doctor online 24 hours around the world via chat, call, or video call.



*Buyers should understand the coverage details and conditions of the offering document before making a decision to purchase insurance.  Conditions are as specified by the company

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