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5 reasons why you should consider Health2GO online Doctor consultation

5 reasons why you should consider Health2GO online Doctor consultation

By: Europe Assistance


Have you ever had to wait for hours on end for an appointment after being stuck in traffic, leaving work in a rush? What about calling the medical clinic only to be told that the earliest available appointment is days away?


Taking care of your physical and mental health shouldn’t stop being a priority just because you can’t easily go to a doctor’s office right now.


If you have not been aware of telemedicine until now, you might be unsure if it is something you should start trying. So today, familiarize yourself with the medical teleconsultation options available to you.  


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Reason 1: Take care of yourself and your loved ones from the comfort of your home or when travelling


Through telemedicine services, you can receive medical advice anytime, anywhere, without leaving the comfort and privacy of your home. It is also a very convenient solution should you face health issues while travelling.


When you are able to communicate remotely with a doctor as often as you need to, you can maintain better management of your health. You will no longer use heavy traffic or your busy schedule as an excuse to postpone your doctor’s visit!


Reason 2: Save time 


For people who are taking care of children or the elderly, it can be stressful to set the best schedule when to see a doctor. It can also be inconvenient to bring them along. Telemedicine solves this problem by allowing you to see a doctor while also taking care of your family.


Reason 3: Save money


Teleconsultation costs a lot less than in-person visits for minor health issues. Having a doctor consultation with your mobile phone or computer means you can save money on public transportation or gas and parking. 


Reason 4: Manage your health better



A rash just appeared on your arm and you have no time to go to the hospital?

You just learnt that one of your family members suffers from arrythmia and you would like to know more about it?

While travelling, you decided to go scuba diving and you are now having eardrum pain?

Since your jogging session this morning, your leg muscles are sore and painful?


Telemedicine can help you understand your symptoms in various everyday life situations you might face. However, it is not an emergency service and should not be used in case of major health symptoms.


Reason 5: Less exposure to new illness


When visiting a doctor’s office, it is inevitable to have contact with some sick patients, especially in crowded waiting areas. By staying at home, you will receive the treatment you need while preventing exposure and the possibility of transmitting your disease to others. 


Do you know Health2GO by Europ Assistance?


With Health2GO, Online doctor consultation Be worry-free at any time, when sick or unwell. Just utilize the online doctor consultation service provided by Tune Protect. (Conditions as specified by the company)


From helping you understand your symptoms up to medication delivery*, we got you covered:

            • Easy to use: Just Click and fill out the information to start the consultation.

            • Fast: get a confirmed appointment right away, Available 24 hours at anytime and anywhere

            • Safe and confidential: consult online by video, audio or chat

            • Customers who will be eligible for Health2GO are Tune Protect Thailand policyholders who have opted for the specific insurance plan with Health2GO service.

            • User is entitled to one session per policy period (In accordance with company policy). The program will be effective according to the policy effective date.

            • Health2GO (Tele-Consultation) specialist consultation service costs are subject to the terms and conditions of Europe Assistance Co., Ltd.


*where available and allowed


To try Health2GO teleconsultation services, CONSULT NOW





            • The insurance policy and Health2GO service are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other things.

            • Terms and conditions are specified by the company, and the company reserves the right to change or alter promotional details without prior consent or notice.

            • This service is not meant to be used as an emergency service. If your condition requires urgent treatment, the doctor will advise you to be hospitalized immediately or you should call a hospital emergency department directly.

            • Not including the doctor’s consultation service, if there are other expenses such as medicine or delivery fees, the user will be responsible for these costs.



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