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Purchase Tune iPass today to receive Starbucks e-coupon up to 300 baht

Purchase Tune iPass today to receive Starbucks e-coupon up to 300 baht

Tune iPass Purchase today to receive Starbuck and Lotus E-coupon up to 300 baht (From insurance premium including stamp duty and value added tax)

    • Travel insurance premium with 3,500 baht and above will receive Starbucks E-coupon valued 300 baht*

From 1 Nov 2023 – 31 Dec 2023, or until the rewards run out. Please submit proof of purchase to the Line Official Account @tuneprotect to receive the Starbucks E-coupon.

The rewards will be delivered within 30 business days from the start date of your insurance coverage as specified in your policy.

*The conditions are subject to the company’s decision.


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Promotion conditions

  1. This campaign is exclusively for the purchase of single-trip travel insurance through the website provided by Tune Insurance Public Company Limited, and payment of the insurance premium must be made from 1 Nov 2023 – 31 Dec 2023 or until the reward runs out.
  2. For every purchase of single-trip travel insurance, you are entitled to receive an E-coupon for Starbucks under the following conditions (based on the insurance premium, including stamp duty and value-added tax).

    Submit proof of purchase to to receive the E-coupon for Starbucks.

    • Insurance premium for single-trip travel insurance of 3,500 Baht or more will be eligible to E-coupon for Starbucks valued 300 Baht* (100 prizes).
  3. The Starbucks E-coupons will be delivered to your email or by postal mail within 60 business days (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding public holidays) from the start date of your coverage as specified in your insurance policy.
  4. This sales promotion campaign is created and supported by Great Fortune Broker Co., Ltd.
  5. We reserve the right for customers who wish to receive coupons as part of the promotion if there is a cancellation of the insurance policy, the company reserves the right to revoke the coupon promotion without prior notice.
  6. The company limits 1 Starbucks E-coupon per purchase only. You cannot combine payments for insurance premiums from other transactions to qualify for this promotion.
  7. This promotion is applicable only for insurance premium payments that meet the requirement on the website.
  8. Single-trip travel insurance is available for insured persons aged from 1 to 75 years.
  9. The company reserves the right to cancel the reward within 30 days after the successful transaction if the email address provided is incorrect (delivery failure) and no feedback is received from the customer, or if the customer cancels the insurance policy within 30 days from the start of coverage.
  10. The rewards cannot be transferred to third parties or exchanged for cash.
  11. The conditions for using the Starbucks E-coupon are subject to Starbucks' terms and conditions.
  12. This promotion cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.
  13. Buyers should fully understand the coverage details and conditions before deciding to purchase insurance every time.
  14. Conditions are subject to the company's policies. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice. In the event of a dispute, the company's decision is final.
  15. For further inquiries, please contact
  16. In the case that you participate in such campaign activities You are considered as the owner of personal information. I consent to Tune Insurance Public Company Limited and Great Fortune Broker Company Limited to collect, use, collect, and process my personal information. For the purpose of participating in such promotional activities. This is in accordance with the conditions specified in the company's privacy policy

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