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COVID - 19


  • Coverage for coma state due to the side effects of COVID-19 Vaccination Compensation benefits up to 1,000,000 baht*
  • Maximum medical expenses for IPD due to vaccine allergic reaction are 100,000 baht*
  • Income compensation for IPD treatment due to vaccine allergic reactions is 1,000 Baht/day (maximum 14 days)
  • Covers the effects of most brands of COVID-19 vaccines (just in case some are not certified or approved)


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Date of Birth

Insurance underwriting conditions

1. Insured aged between 1 month - 80 years old.
2. For the insured having Thai nationality or Expats who are current residents of Thailand.
3. The insured must reside in Thailand for at least 30 days consecutively prior to the policy effective date.
4. The insured can purchase only one of the iSafe Plus, iSafe Extra, VSafe, VSafe COVID, Tune iPass, or iPass COVID-19 per ID number.
5. The insured must have the strong health without any disability and congenital disease.
6. The applicant must meet the criteria for consideration according to the conditions specified by the insurance company.
7. The Company reserves the right not to accept insurance for special occupational groups including medical personnel (doctors, nurses, hospital staffs) and the employees performing the duties in the airport, flight attendants, stewards, and pilots construction workers who work on oil rigs or any types of ships.
8. The Applicant who recently recovered from Covid-19 can buy the policies, provided that he has been discharged from the hospital/clinic not less than 30 days before the policy effective date
9. The insured must not have the record of severe drug allergy to the extent of being hospitalized.
10. COVID-19 vaccines must be certified or approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.
11. Customers who will be eligible for Health2GO are Tune Protect Thailand policyholders who have opted for the specific insurance plan with Health2GO service. User is entitled to one session per policy period (In accordance with company policy). You can use the Health2GO service the next day after receiving the policy. For information about Health2Go services, Click

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